I would  love to share something special with you! If you know me, you know that I am a big essential oil lover. Using essential oils in my daily habits is fun, creative, healthy, balancing and sustainable.

Here, I put together my 10 favorite oils and how do I use them. All the oils I am using are from doTERRA  and if you want to know more or try the oils, send me a message or go directly to: mydoterra.com/martynatetera


  1. Lemon

Is one of the most popular oils that can be used internally, as skin care and also aor cleaning surfaces. I put few drops of lemon oil every morning into my water bottle to refresh and boost my digestion. Also just few drops in my anti-aging serum for an antioxidant effect. It is great in diffuser to refresh the air.


2. Lavender

Have you ever smelled a good quality lavender oil? You can really smell the difference between doTERRA  and a cheap one! DoTERRA  Lavender oil smells incredible. I love to put few drops into a relaxing bath or one drop on my pillow for a good night sleep. Lavender oil is also great for skin care. I add few drops of this wonderful oil into my anti-aging serum for face and eyes. I love to massage my feet before sleep with foot cream or coconut oil and it is even better with one or two extra drops of lavender.


3. Peppermint

Peppermint oil is one of my travel essentials. Just the smell relieves from travel sickness or headache. One or two drops on water are great for upset stomach. Peppermint is cooling and refreshing.


4. DigestZen

Probably my favorite oil! I mix few drops of DigestZen everyday in my water bottle to support my digestion. Especially during travels or days when I don’t eat at home. I also massage my belly with a bit of the oil, pure or mixed with body balm or coconut oil.


5. Smart & Sassy

Onother oil that I put few drops of in my water everyday! The taste of Smart&Sassy helps me reduce snacking during the day and boosts metabolism.


6. Ginger

I put one or two drops of ginger oil every morning into my warm water (unless I have fresh ginger). It is also one of my travel essentials. Ginger improves digestion, is warming, grounding and smells incredible.


7. Frankincense

One of the most precious oils on the planet. I use it in my anti-aging serum, about 15 drops in 30ml bottle. It smooths the skin and makes it look beautiful! The smell is absolutely amazing. I also love to add few drops in a realxing bath.


8. Serenity

This relaxing oil blend is designed specially for a good night sleep. I love to simply smell it, or to put few drops into my pillow. It is also great in a relaxing bath.


9. On Guard

Travel and home essential. This oil is protecting from enviromental threats and strenghtens the immune system. I like to put about 10 drops into 100ml of cocnut oil that I use for oil pulling every morning.

Sometimes one drop into my water bottle, especially when travelling, to prepare my stomach for food on the road. I also add about 10-15 drops into surface cleaner.


10. Lemongrass

I love this simple, powerful oil. Lemongrass is a natural anti mosquito repellent. I like to mix few drops into coconut oil and massage it on my body after shower. It smells beautiful! It is also a great ingredient of surface cleaner and yoga mat spray.


There are so many different ways to use the oils, here I am presenting just the basics! Go, try and explore also your ideas 🙂

Much love <3

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