Hi there! Are you planning a long journey soon? Or are you tired of being completely exhausted after a long flight? Let me share with you some of my tricks how to make your trip much more balanced and healthy. It will help you overcome jet lag and adapt faster in the new place.


  1. Make yourself comfortable

Little things to pack in your hand bag: good neck pillow, comfortable clothes, eye mask, socks and blanket or sarong will make you feel more comfortable in your seat.

Think also about your favorite cosmetic essentials like toothbrush, face serum and hand cream. I’m giving you just some examples!

2. Support your lower back

Place a rolled blanket or jacket just above your sacrum. It will help you sitting straight and supporting the natural curve of the spine. Your lower back will thank you later!


3. Essential Oils

I always take my favorite essential oils when I travel. Especially:

Peppermint – perfect if you tend to feel sick on the road, also cooling and refreshing, good for digestion and against headache

Lemon – very refreshing, also help digestion and full of antioxidants,put one or two drops in your water bottle (no plastic bottle – the lemon acis will dissolve the plastic! Get yourself a sustainable steel or glass bottle instead)

Zen Gest – few drops in a bottle of water are great for digestion and upset stomach on the road

If you want to know more about the wonderful oils I am using and how I use them, visit mydoterra.com/martynatetera or send me an email


4. Herbal Tea

I always have few bags of good herbal teas with me. Peppermint, camiOn the plane there is not always herbal tea available, but I can always ask for hot water. What can be more calming and balancing than a good herbal tea?


5. Drink plenty of water

Not cold! Cold water will decrease your digestive fire and cool down your system. Get used to drink room temperature or warm water, it will improve your digestion and well being!


6. Good healthy food

One of the big reasons for sometimes I feel sick on the road is bad or unhealthy food. So first thing I do is taking healthy snacks with me like nuts, dark chocolate or dried fruits. Then I as much as possible try to make healthy choices – I buy a salad before boarding, so that I don’t have to eat unhealthy packed and conserved plane food.  Or if possible, I preorder vegetarian or vegan menu (which will most probably loaded with carbs, but in this case I would leave something out). Generally, I try to eat as little sugar and carbs as possible, also avoid dairy and meat.


7. Sleep

Sleeping mask and good neck pillow are a must. Sometimes I even take a light sleeping pill like melatonine… It enables me to sleep more and be more rested afterthe travel. Also if possible I try to get enough sleep before road (which is mostly difficult due to excitement and lots of things to do before travel). But this is really worth it.


8. Organize yourself

Make sure you are packed well, have your money, tickets and documents in one place, and that you are on time, so that you don’t have to stress and worry. Stress is exhausting!


9. As much as possible, adapt yourself to local time

The trick is not to take a nap after you arrive! Try to stay awake until evening and switch to local time as much as possible.


10. Take time to rest and adapt

Give your body time to adapt. Be gentle with yourself, avoid too much sun, go for massage, take a  restorative yoga class… enjoy! 🙂

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